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sick bay (public program for anti stress all the time forever)

A call out for people to bring us an object that has brought them misfortune or despair. We will reprogram them by destroying the original object and remaking it, to be installed in two cabinets of the exhibition & returned to the owner eventually.

here are some formerly cursed objects that i remembered to take pictures of

emily’s most hated pencil ~  cleansed with charcoal tablets, prickles and stickers (above)

agatha’s wedding ring ... melted into a pile (!) (above)

madeline’s dinosaur crayon ~ not a dinosaur or usable crayon any longer.  now adorned with matching smiley face sequins (above)

aaron’s cursed guardian angel pin and tumbled stone
refreshed with some clay and prickles (below)


An extremely belated thank you to everyone who participated & i am sorry if I still have your sick bay object, will return it one day xxx